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From source (1 December 2021):
I've seen a lot of Twilight's portraits recently. I don't know what the matter is, but I join 🍔
#pony #Twilight #MLP #Twilight_Sparkle
safe987513 artist:taneysha242 character:twilight sparkle172014 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75786 species:alicorn136352 species:pony664704 g4279577 blue background2894 blushing105575 burger1075 chest fluff23064 cute126864 eating6081 eyebrows6750 eyebrows visible through hair2365 female741154 food41720 glowing horn12307 gradient background7765 hay857 hay burger383 horn30910 ketchup146 levitation7635 looking at you98572 magic45327 magic aura2801 mare291738 messy1196 messy eating782 open mouth81593 sauce212 simple background234804 solo626325 telekinesis17471 that pony sure does love burgers139 twiabetes7962 twilight burgkle315


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