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From source (15 March 2023):
Rarity and Pipp

#mylittlepony #MLP #Pipppetals #Rarity #Pony #mlpfim
safe989720 artist:hexecat16 manebooru spotlight142 character:pipp petals1340 character:rarity105114 species:pegasus186528 species:pony666922 species:unicorn184991 g4281243 g55411 adorapipp384 circlet690 cute127805 duo39034 duo female6765 female742908 generational ponidox127 gradient background7862 high res17408 lidded eyes19773 looking at each other11921 looking at someone521 m25 mare293362 open mouth82144 open smile1049 pipp and her heroine2 pipp wings1206 ponidox4989 princess pipp7 raised hoof28985 signature16401 simple background235500 skinny pipp2 smiling151380 spread wings33564 tail15634 three quarter view3059 wings70366


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