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From source (15 March 2023):
Rarity and Pipp

#mylittlepony #MLP #Pipppetals #Rarity #Pony #mlpfim
safe993967 artist:hexecat16 manebooru spotlight177 character:pipp petals1879 character:rarity105257 species:pegasus188175 species:pony671266 species:unicorn186816 g4283371 g57756 adorapipp597 circlet838 cute129602 duo39888 duo female7137 female746578 generational ponidox132 gradient background8107 high res18225 lidded eyes19966 looking at each other12185 looking at someone846 m25 mare296478 open mouth83311 open smile1698 pipp and her heroine6 pipp wings1732 ponidox5011 princess pipp7 raised hoof29634 signature17316 simple background237058 skinny pipp5 smiling153398 spread wings34282 tail16270 three quarter view3296 wings71768


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