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From source (17 January 2023):
Another art for DTIYS from Mlp Amino. I don't like this one tbh, but I tried. My studies are killing me rn, but I'm trying to draw normal arts TwT

Twitter description (15 January 2023):
#Mlp #MlpFiM #Mylittlepony | #Rarity #Fluttershy
safe993942 artist:miryelis21 character:fluttershy116211 character:rarity105257 species:pegasus188154 species:pony671242 species:unicorn186809 g4283371 bathrobe865 bite mark243 bubble3030 clothing300730 cucumber226 darling334 female746554 food42200 glowing294 glowing horn12671 horn32624 magic45771 magic aura3066 mare296454 mask3444 mud mask156 robe2335 smiling153389 spa763 telekinesis17690 text28026 water8614


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