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From source (17 January 2023):
Another art for DTIYS from Mlp Amino. I don't like this one tbh, but I tried. My studies are killing me rn, but I'm trying to draw normal arts TwT

Twitter description (15 January 2023):
#Mlp #MlpFiM #Mylittlepony | #Rarity #Fluttershy
safe988253 artist:miryelis17 character:fluttershy115910 character:rarity105058 species:pegasus185967 species:pony665386 species:unicorn184531 g4280265 bathrobe862 bite mark243 bubble3004 clothing299127 cucumber225 darling333 female741894 food41776 glowing171 glowing horn12373 horn31063 magic45396 magic aura2846 mare292372 mask3428 mud mask156 robe2329 smiling150785 spa761 telekinesis17502 text27573 water8474


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