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From source (22 January 2023):
Twilight with a sweater~

Twitter description (22 January 2023):
Sweater Twilight ✨
#mlp #mylittlepony

Tumblr description (22 January 2023):
Sweater Twilight ~
safe992613 artist:puffyrin4 character:twilight sparkle172370 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76024 species:alicorn137077 species:anthro147784 species:pony669867 g4282408 abstract background9056 black outlines66 chromatic aberration1143 clothing300331 colored outlines23 eyebrows8158 eyebrows visible through hair2931 female745231 looking at you100060 mare295331 signature16928 simple background236502 solo629456 spread wings34033 sweater8786 three quarter view3200 white background55689 white pupils126 wings71294


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