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From source (10 May 2023):
The question is, how soft is Sunburst to allow this to his soulmate?…

#pony #mlp #brony #Mylittlepony #mlpfim #fanart
safe993894 artist:shelti21 character:starlight glimmer30702 character:sunburst4048 species:pony671199 species:unicorn186781 ship:starburst634 g4283351 bridle1931 colored eyebrows1970 colored pupils6487 eye clipping through hair4220 eyebrows8523 female746509 heart26001 heart eyes8977 looking at each other12179 looking at someone839 male198139 mare296419 messy mane4727 shipping103978 signature17305 simple background237035 stallion65718 straight64403 tack2536 underhoof27747 wingding eyes12567


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