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From source (15 May 2023):
High-class girls

Was inspired by some Madonna's songs ^-^

#Rarity #SweetieBelle #MLP #ponyart #mylittleponyfanart #mylittlepony
safe993913 artist:kejifox323 character:rarity105257 character:sweetie belle26227 species:pony671219 species:unicorn186794 g4283362 abstract background9093 chest fluff23758 clothing300723 duo39878 duo female7131 ear fluff18743 ears back58 explicit source5775 eyebrows8526 eyelashes5584 eyeshadow8982 female746530 fluffy9052 glowing horn12670 hooves13660 horn32615 jewelry38398 leg fluff2301 long hair2374 looking back31201 magic45770 makeup11661 mare296435 multicolored hair5696 narrowed eyes665 older14495 older sweetie belle1493 profile5740 purple hair381 siblings4615 signature17307 simple background237042 sisters5281 socks37464 song reference2049 stockings19161 telekinesis17689 thigh highs19922 unicorn horn28 white body8 white fur85


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