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Uploaded to source on 9 December 2017.
safe988251 artist:alexia tryfon2 character:applejack97549 character:fluttershy115910 character:pinkie pie120139 character:rainbow dash129543 character:rarity105058 character:spike45210 character:twilight sparkle172072 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75823 species:alicorn136484 species:bird5031 species:dragon33387 species:earth pony141580 species:pegasus185967 species:pony665385 species:unicorn184531 g4280264 my little pony: the movie (2017)10284 apple9501 apple family member2270 apple tree2014 applejack's hat4029 balloon5766 book20520 butterfly3925 clothing299126 cowboy hat9457 deleted scene86 enterplay50 eyes closed54592 feather3478 female741892 flying24383 hat52773 logo1623 mane seven3613 mane six16646 mare292371 merchandise549 moon13597 my little pony logo836 open mouth81814 pointy ponies1849 quill1823 smiling150784 spread wings33291 stained glass790 stained glass effect15 stars9140 stetson3752 sun3842 the art of my little pony: the movie8 tree19629 wings69857


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