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From source (13 October 2023):
And Izzy NightmareMoonbow
Variations on the theme "what if…"
safe993937 alternate version22458 artist:polnocnykot3 derpibooru original13873 character:izzy moonbow2775 character:nightmare moon9453 character:princess luna65897 species:pony671236 species:unicorn186805 g4283369 g57726 ball2163 bracelet6415 ear fluff18743 fangs15288 female746551 gradient background8107 gradient hair3280 halloween4633 holiday10985 horn32622 horn impalement326 izzy's tennis ball202 jewelry38402 looking at you100462 mare296450 mlp fim's thirteenth anniversary9 moon13702 multicolored hair5698 multicolored mane59 nightmare moonbow2 nightmarified322 open mouth83302 open smile1694 sharp teeth2828 smiling153387 smiling at you2410 solo630266 stars9287 teeth5139 tennis ball478 toy7093 two toned hair12 two toned mane656 wavy mane129


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