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From source (27 February 2023):
I’ve decided to add Zipp & Pipp to my upcoming G5 pony reference chart 👑 #mlp #mylittlepony #mlpg5 #mlpart #pippetals #zippstorm
safe991027 artist:sallylla5 manebooru spotlight151 character:pipp petals1519 character:zipp storm1072 species:pegasus187026 species:pony668227 g56053 abstract background9013 adorapipp461 adorazipp233 chubby7742 colored hooves5489 colored wings4359 concave belly28 cute128354 duo39252 female744020 height difference386 hooves12803 mare294278 multicolored wings2393 music notes2078 physique difference4 pipp is chubby3 pipp is small66 pipp wings1378 profile5433 royal sisters (g5)67 shortstack119 siblings4519 sisters5202 slim55 smiling152003 spread wings33773 thin67 unshorn fetlocks17201 walking2936 wings70774


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