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From source (24 October 2023):
Witch Twi! 🔮🎃

DeviantArt description (24 October 2023):
I tried to make a cute face, but it turned out to be anime.🔮🎃
safe993341 artist:lambibelle31 character:twilight sparkle172421 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76057 species:alicorn137226 species:pony670611 g4282942 big ears517 blue background3021 chest fluff23698 clothing300545 collar17336 colored hooves6048 concave belly65 ear fluff18699 female745935 hat53225 high res18120 hooves13482 looking at you100300 mare295971 raised hoof29530 raised leg4761 simple background236766 slender48 solo629908 sternocleidomastoid11 thin96 unshorn fetlocks17869 wings71584 witch hat1893


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