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From source (31 January 2024):
Anonymous asked:

If you're doing ship requests, if you have time could you do Scootaloo x Apple Bloom? I understand if not! Im just wondering since their my favourite ship 😄

Childhood besties to lovers 🔛🔝

Twitter description (31 January 2024):
I hc that the entire apple family is really big and tall #mlp
safe992660 artist:abbytabbys7 character:apple bloom27872 character:scootaloo27984 species:earth pony143074 species:pegasus187639 species:pony669922 ship:scootabloom87 g4282459 apple family member2552 blush lines14 blushing106303 bow15916 cheek kiss29 colored hooves5864 duo39558 duo female6952 eyes closed55072 female745280 fetlock tuft24 hair bow8843 height difference399 hooves13260 kissing12957 lesbian51128 looking up9520 older14470 older apple bloom1365 older scootaloo1358 pink background1615 raised hoof29406 shipping103771 simple background236509 small wings217 wings71330


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