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A safe-for-work edit of >>4034431.
safe993341 alternate version22434 artist:paskanaakka825 derpibooru original13823 character:nightmare moon9451 character:princess luna65872 species:alicorn137226 species:pony670611 g4282942 butt23216 colored eyelashes305 dock24443 ethereal mane5044 explicit source5768 eyeshadow8969 feathered wings112 female745935 galaxy mane3091 helmet6917 horn32410 horseshoes1172 lidded eyes19940 long horn278 lying down9993 makeup11645 mare295971 nightmare moonbutt276 on back12528 solo629908 stars9269 tail16148 underhoof27718 unshorn fetlocks17869


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