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Uploaded to source on 2 May 2024.
safe993789 artist:kreeeeeez27 character:sunny starscout's mother57 species:earth pony143568 species:pony671100 g57649 my little pony: tell your tale1293 spoiler:g51739 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale835 spoiler:tyts02e1174 braid4162 cute129534 female746433 jewelry38376 lacrimal caruncle5 looking forward101 mare296361 necklace11827 profile5730 side view748 simple background236980 smiling153321 solo630201 that was fast770 white background55872 written in the starscouts74


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I'm not caught up yet (took a break from pony but now I'm back). Do we have any ideas on a name for her yet? :o