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From source (11 April 2024):
Commission — For the better

Response :
Thank yo so much !! @PWhateverer 👍✨
safe993789 artist:maren850 character:king sombra7304 character:princess celestia56007 species:alicorn137305 species:pony671100 species:umbrum791 species:unicorn186740 g4283314 back to back171 cape6475 clothing300686 crescent moon1116 crown10553 duo39851 duo male and female717 ethereal mane5051 evil grin2685 female746433 folded wings4220 grin22511 horn32569 jewelry38376 male198118 mare296361 moon13700 necklace11827 night15816 night sky1264 peytral2122 profile5730 red eyes3401 regalia12386 sitting39091 sky9035 smiling153321 stallion65702 wings71726 worried2539


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