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Posted previously at: 2014-08-05T08:19:15 | Posted previously by: Soarinjack
safe989760 artist:strangerdanger692 character:princess luna65764 species:alicorn136667 species:pony666955 g4281274 caffeine60 clothing299541 coffee2522 crown10435 drinking2025 female742948 hoof shoes3384 hoof tapping18 jewelry37667 leg twitch131 luna found the coffee24 mare293397 messy mane4692 mismatched eyes136 necklace11560 peytral2069 regalia12228 shivering1039 shoes22061 signature16432 simple background235518 sitting38666 solo627698 spread wings33572 three quarter view3060 white background55351 wide eyes10509 wingding eyes12333 wings70386


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