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episode:a charming birthday, episode:dancing in the clouds, episode:friends are never far away, episode:a very minty christmas, episode:the princess promenade, episode:pinkie pie and the ladybug jamboree, episode:the runaway rainbow, episode:greetings from unicornia, episode:come back lily lightly, episode:two for the sky, episode:the world's biggest tea party, meet the ponies, episode:starsong's dance & sing party, episode:scootaloo's outdoor play party, episode:cheerilee's pajama party, episode:pinkie pie's party party, episode:rainbow dash's hat fashion party, episode:sweetie belle's new cake party, episode:toola roola's mixed-up painting party, episode:pinkie pie's special day, episode:rainbow dash's special day, episode:starsong and the magic dance shoes, g3 to g4, character:bumblesweet (g3), g3betes, mintabetes, character:star swirl (g3), character:rainbow flash (g3), g3 dashabetes, catcherbetes, thistlebetes, razzabetes, character:brights brightly, character:coconut grove, tartabetes, character:cherry blossom (g3), character:bowtie (g3), character:daffidazey, character:pumpkin tart, g3 shyabetes, character:gem blossom, character:dream drifter, character:cloud climber, g3 raribetes, character:abra-ca-dabra, character:baby jingle jangle, character:fiesta flair, character:cheerilee (g3), character:aurora mist, character:apple spice, character:fluttershy (g3), character:desert rose, character:cotton candy (g3), character:coconut cream (g3), character:forsythia, character:heart bright, g3 cheeribetes, lily cutely, character:spike (g3), character:anchors away

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