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SUPERSTALLION VS SOMBRA, the full mini comic

Page 1: >>4026656
Page 2: >>4026657
Page 3: >>4026658
Page 4: >>4026659
Page 5: >>4026660
Page 6: >>4026661
Page 7: >>4026662
Page 8: >>4026663
Page 9: >>4026664
Page 10: >>4026665
Page 11: >>4026666
Page 12: >>4026667
Page 13: >>4026668
Page 14: >>4026669
Page 15: >>4026670
Page 16: >>4026671
Full Comic: >>4026678
safe994412 artist:smacktabular48 oc377619 oc only253948 oc:superstallion34 species:earth pony143766 species:pony671585 species:umbrum792 comic:superstallion vs sombra18 g4283489 backlighting611 bodysuit1325 cape6478 clothing300883 comic panel81 comic style55 crossover36684 dark magic1563 dc comics767 dialogue44948 implied king sombra81 limited palette1112 magic45790 magic aura3072 narration38 selective color112 shadow2545 silhouette1643 superhero841 traditional art65963


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