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From source (1 March 2021):
Happy Derpy Day! 💗💗💗

#mlp #mylittlepony #mlpg4 #mlpgen4 #derpy #derpyhooves
safe993445 artist:adostume178 character:derpy hooves27649 species:pegasus187923 species:pony670654 g4283029 adorkable2608 blushing106486 cloud18478 colored pupils6479 cute129355 cutie mark28626 dork2761 eyebrows8414 eyebrows visible through hair3033 eyelashes5568 female746007 fluffy9046 flying24646 happy19080 holding2279 mare295998 mouth hold11006 pink sky20 positive message66 positive ponies295 raised hoof29536 sky9016 solo629946 sparkles3107 spread wings34196 wholesome268 wings71588


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