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From source (1 March 2021):
Happy Derpy Day! 💗💗💗

#mlp #mylittlepony #mlpg4 #mlpgen4 #derpy #derpyhooves
safe992613 artist:adostume178 character:derpy hooves27638 species:pegasus187616 species:pony669867 g4282408 adorkable2607 blushing106286 cloud18431 colored pupils6464 cute129027 cutie mark28602 dork2759 eyebrows8158 eyebrows visible through hair2931 eyelashes5515 female745231 fluffy9031 flying24617 happy19042 holding2261 mare295331 mouth hold10994 pink sky20 positive message66 positive ponies295 raised hoof29393 sky8962 solo629456 sparkles3080 spread wings34033 wholesome267 wings71294


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