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From source (11 October 2023):
my girl
safe991027 artist:starsbursts2 character:twilight sparkle172289 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75976 species:alicorn136864 species:pony668227 g4281883 alternate hairstyle17359 aweeg*269 bowl1012 cereal296 cereal box25 clothing299930 colored hooves5489 curved horn4128 cute128354 eating6113 female744020 food41974 glowing216 glowing horn12533 grinded pony hooves3 high res17700 hooves12803 horn31802 magic45571 magic aura2966 mare294278 paper1981 ponytail11646 solo628491 spoon881 sweater8770 telekinesis17598 three quarter view3130 twiabetes8073 unshorn fetlocks17201


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