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From source (11 October 2023):
my girl
safe994420 artist:starsbursts5 character:twilight sparkle172479 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76092 species:alicorn137359 species:pony671594 g4283494 alternate hairstyle17459 aweeg*269 bowl1014 cereal296 cereal box25 clothing300886 colored hooves6314 curved horn4148 cute129708 eating6175 female746924 food42237 glowing301 glowing horn12682 grinded pony hooves3 high res18255 hooves13818 horn32738 magic45790 magic aura3072 mare296742 paper1998 ponytail11721 solo630500 spoon884 sweater8800 telekinesis17697 three quarter view3305 twiabetes8123 unshorn fetlocks18177


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