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Thanks for joining us. I can rename you to Illumnious, but I need you to verify yourself. Tweeting/DMing us on Twitter would work, or posting the verification code on Deviantart, whichever you prefer.
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Thanks. Also I noticed I don’t see much of my latest artworks from Derpibooru on this site. Only the artworks from 2013-August, 2020.
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What we have is probably what was available at the time we did our massive imports, a few months back. Since then everything is on manual upload, and it's definitely not easy to keep up with every new piece of art.

EDIT: I should note that yes, you can still request an automated import to quickly catch up, I was only explaining the why.
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Interesting to know that Kirins are one of the mythical hooved chimerical creatures known in EASTERN cultures - specifically East Asian!

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