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Qualified therapy donkey
Hello! Im SerenePony from Derpi, The emotional support donkey who does traditional art for fun. XD
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@bajagryphon, thank you for pointing at the problem. Ruef reported the traced art and the issue was resolved according to our rules (of course the art was deleted as requested by the art owner). We are very sorry this happened and hope that Ruef is now happy with how we handled/solved the issue.
So far, it is one of our rules that if a mod is involved into some issue, that then other mods have to decide and solve that issue so that there are no/less biased decisions.
If there are any further issues, please don't hesitate contacting site staff. If you still want your account to be deleted, please "report" your user account so that your request can be fulfilled.
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Hi! I'm SolarDoodlesArt from Derpi. I'd like to just use the name SolarDoodles though. I'll upload my art bit by bit in a little while :) -SaphySolar
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GyroTech of derpibooru. Feel free to import my work if you wish. That said, I would prefer to keep this name.
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Do we tag the art we upload with our current usernames or the username we're trying to be associated with? :0
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Done, for both of you. LightningBolt has been done for a while but confirmation doesn't hurt.
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Princess of Cooked Bread
On Manebooru we restrict a set of over 1,300 notable names from the fandom. This was implemented in order to prevent impersonation problems we've seen on other recently created boorus. The list includes:

* The entire Derpibooru Do-Not-Post list.
* The 500 most prolific artists on Derpibooru.
* A curated list of show staff, musicians, video makers, authors, and other names from the fandom.

If your name is on the list, there are a few steps we need you to go through in order to confirm that:

1) Register with a temporary name.
2) Post at least one of your works tagged with yourself as the artist, so that we can associate the tag with your account.
3) Set up some User Links to act as verification of your identity. (Under Links, in the dropdown menu on the upper-right.)
4) Drop a reply under this post, or email [email protected]. We’ll check things over, and change your name for you.

We understand this is an inconvenience, but our hope is that the benefits will outweigh that.
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