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Spoiler policy updates

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The current spoiler tags are:

spoiler:comic (season 10) — Implied by spoiler:comic 89 all the way to spoiler:comic 94 for now, more will be added or changed as the issus publish.

spoiler:g5 — Implied by my little pony g5 show and my little pony: the movie (2021), placeholder tags until we have proper titles.

That means simple g5 fanart or character design is no longer considered a spoiler. We're gonna hold that tag for teaser/trailer stuff and possible leaks.

Additionally, this isn't completely decided yet, but assuming the movie releases on a streaming platform as promised, it will likely be considered to be in spoilers for a week, maybe two. After that it will be free-for-all
For the show and each of its episodes, it's going to depend a lot on the release schedule, so we'll let you know.
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