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Why is conversations feature missing?

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I can't make a new conversation (the dm feature) on this site, while the conversations page still exists it's clear that it's been removed purposefully.
So I was wondering why and will it ever be added back? I personally really like the feature and was going to use it before noticing it's gone on here.
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the worst manechat mod
The way private messages work on Philomena makes them a nightmare to moderate and a very easy vector for abuse. For the sake of everyone's sanity we've opted to disallow them except for staff to communicate with users.

If there's a compelling argument for it, we may consider adding them back, but as it stands there are plenty of other ways to get in touch with other users.

I need to get to the mods so I can ask a very important question and don’t have discord isn’t communication with the mods and admins important I’ll just do it here is my profile picture allowed
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