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Alias and implication requests

Workable Goblin
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I have several more shipping tags to report.

* Fleurdance (Fleur-de-Lis + Cadance)
* Fleurity (Fleur-de-Lis + Rarity)
* Fleuripants (Fleur-de-Lis + Rarity + Fancy Pants)
* Sweetielis (Sweetie Belle + Fleur-de-Lis)
* Raribelle (Rarity + Sweetie Belle)
* Raridance (Rarity + Cadance)
* Fleuridance (Fleur-de-Lis + Rarity + Cadance)
* Somnygian (Somnambula + Stygian)

Actually there's two possible variants on the last one, Somnygian and Stynambula, but they both refer to the same ship and the same (single) image, so they should probably be aliased or a choice should be made about which one to prefer.
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@Workable Goblin
Added! With regards to Somnabula x Stygian, I just went with both, since from a quick scan that's the only image anywhere with either one anyway.
Workable Goblin
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Even more shipping tags, as per the usual:

* Scootabloom (Scootaloo + Apple Bloom)
* Sweetiebloom (Sweetie Belle + Apple Bloom)
* Sweetiebloomaloo (Sweetie Belle + Apple Bloom + Scootaloo)

On the last note, there is a separate tag, cmc threesome, which seems to be mostly identical to the last tag? Maybe it should be removed or aliased?

Something similar applies to the tags crab apple and crabapple, although in this case the latter is a strict subset of the former and should probably just be removed.
Workable Goblin
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Found another one today, coco belle, Coco Pommel + Sweetie Belle.

Or, actually, oc:cocobot + Sweetie Belle, since oc:cocobot is just robotic Coco Pommel. This seems odd to me since other X bot characters are considered to be Xbot, e.g. sweetie bot. Perhaps the oc:cocobot, cocobot, and coco bot tags (all of which do exist) should be merged into the cocobot tag?

I was also wondering, relatedly, how species tagging for robotic characters should be handled. Should they be tagged as "species:pony" "species:unicorn" etc. in line with their appearance and also robot, or just as robots? Should robots be considered a species similar to anthro? It seems like there is some ground for thinking about these things…
Workable Goblin
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Some more ships:

* Shininglestia (Shining Armor + Celestia)
* Shiningluna (Shining Armor + Luna)
* Shininglunacadancelestia (Someone gave up…Shining Armor + Luna + Cadance + Celestia)
* Shintrix (Shining Armor + Trixie)
* Shidancie (Shining Armor + Trixie + Cadance)
* Tridance (Trixie + Cadance)
* Twixdance (Twilight Sparkle + Trixie + Cadance)
* Twidance (Twilight Sparkle + Cadance)
* Twiswirl (Twilight Sparkle + Starswirl)
* Silverbelle (Silver Spoon + Sweetie Belle)
* Babstwist (Babs Seed + Twist)
* Feathertiara (Featherweight + Diamond Tiara)
* Rumbloo (Rumble + Scootaloo)
* Silversnips (Silver Spoon + Snips)
* Sweetiesqueak (Sweetie Belle + Pipsqueak)
* Tenderbloom (Tender Taps + Apple Bloom)
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I've done all the pairs of your last two posts, and skipped the polyamory ones.

For those, I'm currently wondering if it's worth making a tag for each one that pops up, or it would just be better to tag every pair in a picture plus a "polyamory" tag. Once we had a lot of pairs we would have all the building blocks necessary and not need to make new ones.
Workable Goblin
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This is true, but at the same time it feels like it might be useful to have tags for at least the more common poly ships, like the CMC with each other. Of course, then you would have the task of figuring out which are the "more common" poly ships and which aren't.
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