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And they said she couldn't act.

Made with Inkscape. Fonts are Komika Text and Edo. Screencaps from A Royal Problem. Inspired by vavacung's [S07E10] A Royal Problem [Comic], along with someone's return in The Order of the Stick.

Last panel
safe989760 artist:roseluck31 edit85843 edited screencap48756 editor:roseluck15 screencap194612 character:daybreaker1759 character:princess celestia55922 character:starlight glimmer30630 species:alicorn136667 species:pony666955 species:unicorn185010 episode:a royal problem1571 g4281274 my little pony: friendship is magic163207 3 panel comic35 bad end1214 canterlot castle1575 canterlot castle interior23 close-up3410 comic66333 crown10435 dialogue44622 digital art10132 duo39047 duo female6775 evil grin2671 eyebrows down35 fangs15055 female742948 gem3595 glowing eyes6613 horn31498 inkscape1081 jewelry37667 looking at each other11925 mare293397 necklace11560 open mouth82161 peytral2069 raised eyebrow4786 raised hoof28992 regalia12228 screencap comic3662 sharp teeth2577 show accurate6127 smiling151406 standing6898 vector50103 window5228 wings70386 worried2518


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