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Another WIP because I don't have the will to boot up Inkscape for now.

There'll be both a topless version (obviously) and normal version with shirt.

Tagged solo female to be sure. Don't actually think just happening to be topless counts as "provocative" or "sexual" (Derpibooru's description) but you know, to be sure. First questionable upload, hope I got everything right!

Also tagged missing accessory because she's missing Kim's iconic shirt.

Drawn with pencils.

Complete version (topless)
Complete version (normal)
questionable64332 artist:roseluck31 character:rainbow dash129429 species:eqg human18293 g4278920 my little pony:equestria girls128404 abs6265 areola9632 ass27458 belly button44869 belt3328 belt buckle167 breasts156057 butt22658 cargo pants38 clothing298580 collarbone98 cosplay12204 costume16173 crossover36428 equestria girls style482 featureless breasts1447 featureless crotch3936 female740511 full body1176 gloves11942 grayscale22663 kim possible63 missing accessory4993 monochrome85638 nipples86189 nudity180779 pants9633 partial nudity11431 pencil drawing5753 pouch263 raised arm186 reasonably sized breasts340 shoes21922 show accurate6132 simple background234514 sketch34769 sneakers3593 solo625799 solo female99661 step by step42 style emulation2356 thigh gap417 topless7591 traditional art65806 underass1459 walking2919 walking towards you11 wall of tags1735 wallpaper12201 white background54985 wip4265


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