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From source:

Well, Leo has mlp oc now :D
#mlp #brony #pony
safe981010 artist:hioshiru962 oc373995 oc only251183 oc:amur leo3 species:pony657490 species:unicorn181219 g4271295 abstract background8255 chest fluff22435 color palette240 colored hooves3966 cute124213 eyebrows2860 hooves10736 horn29021 leg fluff1951 male195282 ocbetes3285 profile3954 reference sheet7422 signature14179 simple background231416 smiling147846 solo620710 stallion63606 text26483 unicorn oc3025 unshorn fetlocks15567 white outline377


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I feel bad for Hioshiru, I can't imagine they're getting good comments on the new pairing art :S