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This is a collaboration with the awesome Celebi-Yoshi! (her post is here, check it out) Bask in her amazing sparkle cloud skills! She got her cutie mark in it!

This started a few months ago when I drew a sketch in someone's sketchbook at BronyCon and she wanted to color it, but the photo was kind of unclear and the sketch was kind of loose and it didn't work out so well, so I made a digital 'lestia sketch instead, and then I guess life happened. Fast forward to now-abouts and Ponycon is coming up. She decided it would make a good print, and finished it up. We'll be selling these there!
safe983895 artist:dawnfire862 artist:nadnerbd167 character:princess celestia55729 species:alicorn135566 species:pony660883 g4275544 beautiful3887 clothing296920 cloud18043 collaboration3821 crepuscular rays1761 crown10113 cute125394 cutelestia2436 cutie mark27733 ethereal mane4895 female737310 flying24190 hoof shoes3212 horn29963 jewelry36688 majestic488 mare288429 praise the sun1236 regalia11868 shoes21624 solo623240 spread wings32334 sunlight603 wings68198


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A collaboration with my friend :iconnadnerbd: — his Celestia drawing and my coloring!

Why is the title in all caps? Because I love caps and I love horses

We will both be selling this print at Ponycon in New Jersey this weekend! Find us at our tables in the vendor hall. :3 !!

If you want to follow my updates while I'm at the con and see convention commissions I post, please follow my twitter~