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From source (19 June 2022):

Still wish you were here, dad…
safe983895 artist:emeraldblast6348 character:argyle starshine22 character:sunny starscout1479 species:earth pony140101 species:pony660883 g4275544 g53844 coat markings1564 colored hooves4536 crying23101 cute125394 daughter335 eyes closed54119 father298 father and child309 father and daughter1263 father's day128 feels817 female737310 g5 to g445 generation leap3312 hooves11493 hug16985 male195977 mare288429 parent and child68 smiling149087 socks (coat marking)2277 stallion64131 sunnybetes347 three quarter view2255 unshorn fetlocks16118


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