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recently watched all of g3.5 which isnt much of an achievment since this entire generation is like, less than 2 hours worth of content, but its cute nonetheless. yes, i even like those shorts, with the cursed classic g3.5 style.
safe991027 artist:leopardsnaps81 character:cheerilee (g3)225 character:pinkie pie (g3)333 character:rainbow dash (g3)426 character:scootaloo (g3)144 character:starsong182 character:sweetie belle (g3)100 character:toola roola (g3)170 species:earth pony142448 species:pegasus187026 species:pony668227 species:unicorn185582 g32955 g3.5717 colored wings4359 flower15435 flower in hair4739 gradient wings387 group2192 multicolored hair5222 multicolored wings2393 ponytail11646 rainbow2391 rainbow hair1389 raised hoof29174 smiling152003 standing6920 standing up149 style emulation2380 tongue out54675 wings70774


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