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December 24, 2021 at 6:05:20 PM UTC
Old Saint Derp
She's got a lot of stops to make tonight, so make sure you leave out a muffin for her. Happy Hearth's Warming Eve everyone!

#fanart #mlpfim #christmas #derpyhooves #hearthswarmingeve

Alternate Source (Twitter)
She's got a lot of stops to make tonight, so be sure to leave a muffin out for her. Happy Hearth's Warming Eve!
safe993789 artist:rocket-lawnchair160 character:derpy hooves27652 species:pegasus188100 species:pony671100 episode:hearth's warming eve960 g4283314 my little pony: friendship is magic163321 bag2907 christmas7792 clock tower47 clothing300686 costume16311 cute129534 derpabetes1775 detailed background321 featured on derpibooru582 female746433 flying24664 hat53258 holiday10984 mailbag519 mare296361 moon13700 night15816 night sky1264 open mouth83270 open smile1678 outdoors5962 santa costume981 santa hat3531 scenery5569 sky9035 smiling153321 snow8674 snowfall2756 solo630201 spread wings34264 three quarter view3293 tree19845 wings71726 winter2750


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