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Oleander's magic will bring light to the world as she says, making Twilight Sparkle curious about it!

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Posted previously at: 2012-07-14T18:23:25 | Posted previously by: RIG
safe983169 artist:thex-plotion63 character:twilight sparkle171497 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75543 species:alicorn135401 species:pony659912 g4274525 big crown thingy1479 crown10047 element of magic1306 eyes closed53998 female736395 hilarious in hindsight1759 jewelry36474 mare287697 regalia11803 signature14828 solo622532 spread wings32130 three quarter view2065 wings67822


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Supermarine Spitfire
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Image description from source (19 August 2011):

yet another sketch that i ended up REALLY liked.

So I inked and colored it XD

looking back at this now….i messed up her left wing…*facepalm*

As for the story behing the pic, lets just say Twilight unlocked the true potential of the power of friendship from the crown of leadership that she gains when the element of harmony come together when they themselves receive a boost of power from THEIR friends and they all come together to—(THEY GET IT!!!)….sorry..

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