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the worst manechat mod
After discussion with the moderation team, we have decided to heavily moderate the usage of the term in question. Once we have gone through the list of images tagged that way, the tags in question will be added to our moderation watchlist.

Please be aware in the future that all decisions of this nature, for good or ill, require a full discussion between all of the mods. No one moderator has the power to unilaterally make decisions like that on this site. If there isn't an imminent threat to the site or the community, please be patient while we go through our established process.
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From Wikipedia
In modern use, retard is a pejorative term either for someone with a mental disability or for someone who is stupid, slow to understand, or ineffective in some way.

A pejorative or slur is a word or grammatical form expressing a negative or a disrespectful connotation, a low opinion, or a lack of respect toward someone or something.

In addition, the term is no longer used medically

In other words, it’s a slur that should have been banned from the start
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make jokes about someone’s disabilities, mental or physical

When that is the case we will take action. The rest of the time it is no worse than dumb, idiot or moron, all of which have the same "objectionable" origins but at the end of the day they are just insults, and banning insults is a step too far into being prudish in my opinion.
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I believe that ableism should be included under Rule 2b. Some examples would be the retarded tag (link), images such as >>1372802 as well as other images that make jokes about someone’s disabilities, mental or physical
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