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@Workable Goblin
Everything's all caught up. Good eye on the character! I've been trying to compare tags to derpi and us, seeing which ones we've missed, but there's still several more for me to go thru :3

@Workable Goblin
parrot should probably be converted to a species: tag like those of the other sapient species of the show. Although many show regular old parrots, enough show anthro parrots (Celaeno, the other parrot pirates, OCs or converted characters, etc.) that it should probably be considered about on the level of griffon or hippogriff. Or dog, at least.

I did change the parrot tag to a species tag, but I'm not sure what the last bit of your post means
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It was explaining why I thought parrot ought to be a species tag instead of a green tag, since I reckon there is something of a bar to doing so, i.e. if I told you that zombie should be a species tag you would want to know why (and in fact we have had discussions about that in the past). So first I pointed out that there were a pretty fair number of anthro parrot images, then I pointed out that dog is a species tag even though most dog images are of regular dogs like Winona, not talking dogs like Spike.
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