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No problem, though I just realized this would probably be much easier if someone with mod bulk-tag tools did it. I'm not sure exactly how they work but any mod on here should be able to just bulk remove "in the comments" tags (ignoring translated in comments as those can easily be pasted over) which would be much better than manually removing the tags for over 2000 images. If you don't have access to those maybe you could bring this up to a mod who does?

I'll start bringing over translations as those can't be automated, please post an update here once it's been done or if it turns out we can't do that for any reason.
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If anyone else wants to join in on fixing these kind of tags, just copy-paste this into manebooru search:
(*in the comments,comment_count.lte:0)
Since most images on here were uploaded by booru importer they should all have the derpibooru image id in the description, you can use that to bring over translated in the comments.
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I had a brief discussion with Wcct on here/Discord, but I've been removing ones that have few images (IE: "star spangled banner in the comments") and leaving certain tags like "translated in the comments" alone, and providing said translation in the comments. I don't really see a use for keeping the other ones, so I've been cleaning up ones that don't apply
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I've been wondering the same thing, but didn't bring it up because I thought there might be some value to someone of letting them know that there was an X on derpibooru. But that's really pretty temporary, until we start getting Xes here…
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